Saturday, December 01, 2007

Christymas Season Begins

Mom will start decorating for Christymas this weekend. This is the first thing she put up. You all know she makes Gizzy Quilts. Well, a few years ago, she made some quilted chessboards. This is one she made with Christymas fabrics. Anyways, she hangs a different chessboard up on this wall every month. Later today she will put up more Christymas decorations around the house.

She has almost all of her Christymas shopping finished. She just has to get something for Pip-pay. And she is working in the sewing room on things I have to keep secret. I can say the secret things are for...

(no, you can't say that either Millie.)

Mom told me about secrets and surprises. I like to surprise my friends, so if I want it to be a surprise, I have to keep it a secret. Oh! I get it now. I will try harder to keep secrets so they can be good surprises! I kept the nice surprise about the Gizzy quilts for Jan's Funny Farm, so I know I can keep the secrets Mom wants me to keep. Good thing I can share them with Mom!

Okay. Well, look what I found on Google's blog: It's the story of how NORAD came to track Santa Claus and how Google will be helping this year. It looks like lots of fun, and I will be checking every day.

Mom finished my Holiday Gizzy. See how I was helping?

And here it is all finished.

Mom says she is gonna make some Christymas cookies today too, and will have them on her cooking blog tomorrow.

And I know who my Secret Paw is, and am putting together a nifty present that will go out soon! That's one secret I won't let out of the bag...


Dragonheart said...

That's a very cool quilt that your mom made. We don't have any Christmas stuff up yet - we always wait until Advent starts.

Mickey said...

Starting to look like Christmas...inside :) I bet yer Mom has lots of nice Christmas recipes.
Yer Mom is almost done shopping.How about you? Are you done?

Maggy & Zoey said...

Maybe your Mombean will come "do" our house, cause it looks like ours won't! See the tree she gave us to decorate (seen at Zoolatry today...). Ha! You call that a tree? She's crazy. You got a nice holidaymom at your house.

Scooby, Shaggy & Scout said...

You quilt turned out great Millie. Love the backing!
So many secrets this time of year, and you explained secrets and surprises very well!!!

Jan said...


Red is really a good color for a black & white cat. We think you look beautiful on your Christymas quilt.

We sure appreciate the good job of quality control you did on our quilts. That looks like a nifty job.

Did you know Percy got an acting job? He's an elf in the latest CCSI production at Sassy Tales.

Jan's Funny Farm residents

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

Mom's been decemarating too! She was going to shop fur our secret paws today but we is haffing snow and freezing rain so she is not driving anywhere!

Derby said...

Mum hasn't started the decorating yet, but she did start with the peanut brittle today.

Parker said...

Millie - your Gizzy is very beautiful. My Mommy made 30 pounds of fudge today! She is going to post the recipe tomorrow!

Monty Q. Kat said...

Is it me? Can I be your Secret Paws? 'casue all I want for Christmas is YOU! :)

Chance said...

Hewwo! I wantz to say thanks big love for my gizzy quilt. I will gets mommie to sends you pictures tomorrow cause she lefts the pagey at home today you sent. Ummmm, whatz Christymas?

Your New Friend