Saturday, November 10, 2007

Sympathetic Saturday

Mom had a pretty lousy day at her day hunting job yesterday. So I'm gonna stick close to her today and try to cheer her up.

She's filled all the orders for Gizzy quilts, and she wants to make some to have ready to sell, but she doesn't know what colors cats might like, so that's why we have the poll in my sidebar. Mom figures she could probably make 6 quilts that could be delivered before Christymas. So if you are interested, shoot me an email at darlingmillie AT gmail DOT com. Or just visit the website. Be sure to tell us what colors you would like, and if you want a Gizzy quilt to match your furs.


DK & The Fluffies said...

She must need some beef... or lobster!

poppyq said...

You girls have a nice weekend and don't worry about work. That day is over and gone. You relax, put your feet up and have something nice to eat.

I love the new colours of quilts like the pink and white one and the one you sent to Parker. Thems awesome colours.

I am also super duper happy that Monty Q is home!! Yipppeeeeee!!

Monty Q. Kat said...



Can you headbump your Mom for me? I'm not allowed to teleport anywhere until I'm 30.

Donny and Marie and Casey said...

We're so sorry your mommy had a lousy day are such a devoted cat to stick near her and comfort her.

We are so very glad your sweetie Monty Q is home!

Also, mommy wanted to chime in to say that she made daddy buy her a square baking pan to try your mommy's brownie recipe...they were pawesome!! Daddy had many helpings....

~Donny and Marie

Daisy said...

I am sorry your mom had a bad day. But I think you will be able to cheer her right up, Millie!

Derby said...

Bummer to your mum on a bad day hunting. I think that happens at times to all of our beans.

I like the really bright multi-colored quilts that I have seen lately.

Mickey said...

Sorry yer Mom had such a bad day.Even Roxy's Mom had a bad
day :( I'm sure you can cheer her up with your sweet personality ;)
Go give her a snuggle or chase yer tail.That will break out a smile for sure,heehee