Saturday, November 17, 2007

Planning for Big Bird

It is cold and windy outside today. But the sun is shining, and when it shines through the yellow leaves of this tree, it is very pretty. So Mom took a picture. But look what she saw when she turned to go back into the house:This is one of the parsley plants from her garden this summer. Even though we have had a frost, this plant has nice fresh green leaves! Mom will pick some to use this week.

She is getting ready for Turkey Day. Dinner will be at Mimmay and Pippay's. Mr Karate has to do some day hunting, so dinner will be late, about 4 o'clock, but that is not unusual. Mimmay wil cook the turkey, the stuffing, the gravy and the potatoes. Pippay will make the Pumpkin and Apple pies. Mom does the rest. She will make Roasted Red Pepper & Potato Soup, Deviled Eggs and Stuffed Mushrooms for everybody to eat about midday so nobody starves to death before the big bird comes out of the oven. (I want to see THAT!) Mom is also going to cook Brussels Sprouts, Roasted Onions, the Cranberry Sauce and something else, but she hasn't decided yet. She has cookbooks all over the place. Mimmay and Pippay both have heart conditions (under control) so everybody is very calorie and fat conscious. There won't be too many dishes. (Oh yeah, sure. Like I don't know that my Mom is known for going over-the-top.)

Mom did the WW thing this morning again (Jan, check here) and she is back on track.


Jan said...

So that's the WW thing, Millie's mom. This must be preventative. You certainly don't look as if you need the WW thing in the photos you've posted.

Your menu sounds delicious. Mmmmmmm.

Jan. from the Funny Farm

LHK said...

Mine mombean is planning what to cook too. She is having a 2 friends over for dinner. Both from other countries and have never had Thanksgiving dinner before! But, 12.36 pounds of bird? She sez she really likes leftovers and it can be frozen to make casseroles. I told her "Don't look at me I don't like turkey!"

Anonymous said...

If your mom would like to post the roasted red pepper and potato soup recipe, I know at least one feline mombean who'd like to make that! Yummy!