Sunday, November 18, 2007

Cooks With Love

I told Mom to stop hogging my blog with her cooking stuff. I told her to get her own blog!

You know what? She did.

Mom's Cooking Blog

She even put a special recipe on it that anybody (not any-cat) can make. She says this recipe is easy to make (yeah yeah sure, she says that about -everything-) and makes excellent gifts.

So from now on, you can go see Mom's blog for the Feed Me! Fridays.

ta ta!


Tara said...

Good for your Mom!

Henry Helton said...

My Lady is hungry so she is gonna go and look at the new food blog right now.

Jeanne said...

hey Millie, check out my blog, lots of new paintings. Jeanne

Mickey said...

Mom bookmarked the site :)