Thursday, February 28, 2013

Slushy Thursday

What's worse than snow? Sleet and freezing rain. What's not quite so bad, but still yukky? Slush. When it snows, then the weather gets warmer, it rains. Rain on top of snow makes slush. It's slippery to drive through, and extremely heavy to push around, but it looks super yukky.  We didn't get snow yesterday, but we got a lot of rain.

When will the snow melt? I dunno, but the weather guys say it is supposed to be above freezing every day for the next six days. They are often wrong, but you never know!

Mom has been tippy tapping up a storm!!! She is almost finished the thing she calls "first draft" and she really wants to get it done. There is a lot of stuff she wants to do.  I keep telling her she has to add the list of dates for the When When Contest entries and she -assures me- it will happen very soon.

I shall be patient.

In the meantime, Max wrote an autobiography!!! I am so furry excited. Mom bought it for her Kindle and we have been reading it together. Oh Max! I am enjoying it so much!


Shaggy and Scout said...

We went right to Amazon & bought the new book. Vacation is Saturday for 2 weeks in Phoenix and moms saving it for that!

Sparkle the Designer Cat said...

Millie, every time your report about your human's writing efforts, you make my human feel guilty and like such a slack off because she has gotten so little work done on her own projects! So keep up the good work... maybe eventually it will kick her butt into gear.

Angel and Kirby said...

Yikes! Maybe we should have picked a date in late march. If you keep getting rain, the snow will be gone!

Max said...

YAY! 1 yay for the fact that *I* don't have snow, and 2 yays for reading my book!

Megan said...

Millie - I've already told you the answer: the snow will be gone on April 11. Relax. Fretting won't make it happen any faster.

Sydney, Australia

Prancer Pie said...

Slush is yukky. We get that alot here in SE Okla. We're still holding out hope for March 28! Happy weekend, Millie.