Thursday, November 01, 2012

Thursday Things

Hoo boy!  You should hear Mom rant about going back to the day hunting gig yesterday.  The day hunting place did not have any 'lectricity on Tuesday, so nobody got anything done.  The servants, however, crashed hard, and needed a lot of attention to make them happy.

But it wasn't the servants that gave Mom fits yesterday.  You see computers are connected to patch cables that go through walls and ceilings and connect to patch panels.  The cables continue on to switches that may or may not connect to other patch panels and then other switches.  The servants connect directly to the switches.  All the printers connect the same way. Even wireless computers need to connect (wirelessly) to a WAP  (dunno) that connects to a patch cable that connects to a patch panel that connects to a POE device (don't ask me that either) that connects to a switch that connects to the servants.

Got that?  (Good, because I don't.)

Anyway Mom said that all of her fellow day hunters got their computers running, but SOME computers couldn't talk to servants. It was Mom's job to figure out where in that big description (above) to find the gremlin that was screwing stuff up. 

You see, at the DHP (day hunting place) there are a bunch of old switches and patch panels WAY WAY up in the rafters of the building, and Mom had to ask one of "the guys" to give her a ride in the lift truck (like an elevator on wheels) to check them out. They were OK, so Mom knew her problem was right in the special room where the servants live.

Fortunately for Mom, a Sultant was there at the DHP to help the servants wake up.  Mom got him to look and he moved ONE CABLE and PRESTO!  All the computers that weren't talking to the servants suddenly started!!  Mom had to reset all the printers, and then they happily spit out paper whenever they had to.

And the telephones! Oh boy, that was another problem. Mom said the upstream telco had to completely rebuild some configuration, and that fixed that problem. (I don't know what that means either.)

There was one last printer that just wouldn't spit paper no matter how hard Mom asked.  Finally she asked it a bunch of questions and it told her it changed it's address from what it was before. Mom scolded it, and changed it back, and it started spitting out paper too.

Have I told you lately how glad I am to be a cat?


ButterBean said...

that sounds sactly like the stuffs our dady does .. he worked lates last night getting things all patched up and stuffs weird - we only like the puters cause they are warms

Eileen said...

Wow you mom is really smart! Our mom says her puter has two settings, working or not working. When it is working all is good, when it is not working she threatens to throw it out the window, MOL

Have a great day Millie!

Sasha, Sami, & Saku

Angel and Kirby said...

Our Daddy did that kind of stuff, too. He even went to one of the company offices in Manchester,once and Mom got to go too. That is the only time she got to see the beautiful fall colors!

We are so glad you are a cat and so are we!

The Paw Relations said...

We're glad that your mom manged to get everything to do it's job right.

Sparkle said...

I've never heard of such a bunch of persnickety servants! I'm glad my human is relatively well behaved because I would be really mad if she behaved like the servants at your human's work.

What? You mean they are not THAT type of servants? Then what good are they anyhow?

Derby, Ducky said...

Us too, after reading that, we need a nap!

Megan said...

Your mom is a very very very clever woman to understand all about the servants and their switches and to know where to kick them when they've fallen asleep on the job.

I wanna be like her when I grow up.

Sydney, Australia

michico*Adan said...

You have a very very smart mommy~~~~

Karen said...

and I will admit I understood all of that.

Monday walkers said...

That sultant sounds like a clever person......I wish sometimes he lived a bit closer to me- could be handy!

Noela Sydney Australia

Shaggy and Scout said...

What language you speakin'?

The Selvage Fairy said...

You need to sit on her VERY hard and purr REALLY loud until all thoughts of servants, printers, phones, and all the rest of the junk fades from her mind.