Friday, April 20, 2012

Formerly Feral Friday

Every day I watch the little birdies flit around outside my window. They put on quite a show, and I am lucky enough to have a terrific view.

It's been sunny and warm the last few days, and because we didn't get a lot of snow this winter, it is very dry. We are actually hoping for some rain soon. In the meantime, though, I'm going to enjoy the view and the smells.


Poppy Q said...

I love to watch the birdies too. We have plenty of rain, does you want us to send some your way Miss M?

Have a lovely weekend.

Julie and Poppy Q

Megan said...

That sounds like a lovely way to spend your day, Millie. It's very good of those birdies to perform like that for your entertainment.

Sydney, Australia

Angel and Kirby said...

After a year of little rain, we know what you are talking about. We have had lots of rain this year so we hope you get some, too. How did Mom's class go?

Prancer Pie said...

We've noticed you've got sum really great viewing spots around your house. We couldn't believe this one didn't haf a quilt in it! They are so pretty!

Mark's Mews (Ayla, Iza, and Marley) said...

We love that you have furniture at window level. We hafta balance on windowsills ta see the birdie TV!

Sparkle said...

Too bad about the lack of snow this year - I really missed the When When contest.