Friday, March 12, 2010

Finally Friday

While I was posing for pictures this morning, we both got distracted.

I was looking at the birdies outside (in their reflection in the mirror) and Mom was looking... well at this:
There's NO SNOW out there!

And the best part is... FIVE MORE DAYS until our trip to Mary-land. Mom says Mr Karate will be staying here to watch over me. Well, I got news for her! I'm going with her!



Angel and Kirby said...

Birdies! Fun to watch. And no snow!

Kea said...

No snow is reason enough to celebrate!

Have a great weekend.

Ayla and Iza, said...

Our last snow melted a couple days ago. We are so glad it is gone!

Megan said...

Good of you to sit still so patiently Millie for you photo shoot. Times were that you hated the flashy box!

Sydney, Australia

TK said...

YAY- is near-spring at your house too! Don't forgets to take your toys when you stows-away Millie.
Has a happy weekend!

PeeS- we gives shout-out to your mommy's bags in our weekend post.

Derby, Ducky said...

Almost all of our snow is gone too. We are happy, the robins are here too.

Monday walkers said...

Millie - as I am a comparative newcomer to your Blog, I am not sure who Mr Karate is - sounds like a good sort to me! It could be fun when he comes ( for both of you! ) - that's if you don't hide in the luggage as TK suggested,

Noela Sydney Australia

The Selvage Fairy said...

You know, you could always wait for Mr. Karate to get there, skip the train ride and teleport straight to Monty's house. Your mom would be surprised to see that you beat her there, and Mr. Karate would go crazy lookning for you at home. I have an older brother too, and I know how much fun it is to play with them...especially if they don't know the rules of the game!!!