Friday, September 07, 2007

Fantastic Flying Quilt Friday

I dunno how Mom does it, but she tells me that most of the fabulous, fantastic, flying Holiday Gizzy quilts have landed.

She says several have landed in Catifornia and Illinoisy. There have been Holiday Gizzy Quilt landings in Floridacat, Cat-hio, Oregonicat, Washingticat, Meowsouri, Whiskeronsin, Nevadacat, and New Yorkat.

A fabulous fantastic, amazing technicolor flying Babybean Raffle Quilt is expected to land in Alabamacat at any time.

Lisa ordered a Holiday Gizzy, so Mom sent both quilts together. They arrived earlier today and Lisa and her cats love them. You can check out pictures and videos here!

I'd say that's a Fantastic Friday!


Parker said...

The excitement builds in O Hi O!!

Darling Millie said...

Is that a song?

The Fluffy Tribe said...

wow that is fangtastic ~The Fluffy Tribe

Lisa said...

We wuvs our quilts. Meowmy foldededed da cwistmas one away but weft da pwetty boo and gween one out. Tank you fur making dem fur us!

Leo, Maggie, Scully, Sammy & Cocoa

Pee Esssssss - Meowmy sez she addededed a cupple more pikchurs and now 3 videos total to her bwog.

Tyler said...

We love our holiday Gizzy quilt!!! We got number 13, which is mom's lucky number of course. Thank you so much for the wonderful nip ravioli. Jake, the orange tabby kitten, had his first nip experience!
We want to take pictures, buy mom left the camera at work. She's been taking tons of pictures of the little first graders. Thanks for getting it to us so quickly!
Love, Tyler